Website Compliance

This guide will show you how to get started with your website compliance.

Step 1: Generate your privacy policy

Website compliance journey starts with generating your privacy policy and embedding it on your website.

Once that is done, you will get "unlock" your privacy badge.

Step 2: Embed your privacy badge

The privacy badge tells your customers and users about how you are processing their data and caring about privacy. They can easily access your privacy policy and read more about your handling of their personal data.

Its also possible to upload your Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions, Data Processing Agreement and other legal documents you have on your website. Once uploaded, you can embed them on your website by following the guide "Embed your cookie policy and other legal documents".

The advantage about uploading your documents is that you only need to update your agreements and policies in your Openli account. When you have updated them in your account, they will automatically be updated on your website

Step 4: Collect the right consents

You can also make sure that you capture the right consents for these documents by creating consent widgets:

We offer different widget, and you can customise them just for your need. This will make it possible to get the right consent for the right documents in the right places. More importantly, also prove that you got the consents via the audit trail!

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