Vendor owners

In this article we talk about how you can assign owners to vendors and why this is useful.

Why should you assign owners to your vendors

Assigning an owner to each vendor makes it much easier to manager your vendors. It will allow you to always have an overview of who is responsible for the different contracts your company has with vendors and makes it easy for you to make sure they get the right tools and help regarding contracts and vendors if necessary.

How to assign Owners

It's really simple to assign owners. Simply go to a vendor page and click the Assign owner button in the right side of the vendor info box. This brings up a list of existing owners as well as the option to invite a new owner:

Note that if you add a new employee to be vendor owner, the person will get an invite to become a user on your Openli account. They will receive an email prompting them to log in and make a password. It is important that they do so, so they can see and manage the vendors they own.

Assigning a new owner

You can at any time assign a new owner to a vendor that already has an owner. Doing so will move the ownership of the vendor to the new owner, as a vendor can only ever have one owner at a time. To do so, simply click the button with the current owners name to bring up the owner menu and select or invite a new owner as described above:

How to use owners as a search facet

So now you've assigned owners for all your vendors. How do you then find vendors based on owners? The answer is our faceted vendor search. Simply go to the vendor overview page by clicking Vendors in the side menu. Once in the page you can find the owner filter in the right side of the page:

Click the owner you want to see the results from and the page will the refine any search to only include results with this particular owner:

That's it. remember that you can add as many owners as you need. This is an easy way of improving your vendor management by giving you the knowledge of who is managing what in your organisation.

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