Setting up SSO (Single Sign-On)

This feature is available on our Privacy Hub Growth plan or higher. If you have any questions about your plan, please email

What is SSO?

Single sign-on allows you to use the same login credentials across multiple systems. To log in to one of those systems, such as Openli, you are redirected via a central identity provider (IdP), such as Google or Microsoft, who confirm your identity and return you to Openli. Once SSO is set up on your Openli account, you must use SSO to log in. Any existing username/password credentials will no longer work.

For a user to log in to your Openli account, they must have an email address in your SSO identity provider that matches their email address in Openli.

If a user does not yet exist in Openli, you must add them in the Settings section of your Openli account before they can log in.

Users must be added to your Openli account to be able to log in with SSO.

Openli does not support automatic user provisioning.

Get started with SSO

To set up SSO on your account, please contact and tell us which domain you want to register as your SSO domain.

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