Google Tag Manager

This integration is no longer actively supported or tested by Openli.

In this guide...

  • You can read a brief overview of what Google Tag Manager is and how you can use it with Openli.

  • If you already know Google Tag Manager is, you can skip the first part and jump directly to the integration guide.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tool that organises all the third-party tags on your website (like Google Analytics or Facebook pixels), and also controls when these are triggered and set.

Tags can be statistical scripts or marketing tags that are meant for advertisement. Such tags and scripts set cookies, which collect data from your users. You must therefore collect consent before such cookies are set on your website.

The advantage of Google Tag Manager is that you can administre your tags/cookies without editing your source code or get help from a developer.

Google Tag Manager and Openli

Openli, if installed correctly, blocks all cookies and trackers until a user has given their consent. If you use Google Tag Manager, Openli can specify which tags are set based on your user's consent settings in our cookie consent widget.

For example, if a user has not given consent to marketing cookies, Openli prevents any tag categorised as marketing in Google Tag Manager to be set. By using Openli, you can ensure that cookies set on your website through Google Tag Manager are compliant with data protection laws governing the use of cookies.

You can watch this video from Google that shows you how to use Google Tag Manager:

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