Categorise your cookies
This video will show you how to categorise your cookies correctly
Oepnli Automatically scans your website for new cookies ever 14 days. Most of the time all new cookies are autocategoried, but in a few cases we don't recognise the cookies found. When this happens, you need to categorise them yourself manually. To do so go to cookies in the side menu and if you see a warning that you have an amount of uncategorised cookies, you can clikc the categorise your cookies button to go to the page listing the uncategorised cookies. Here you have the optio of either adding the cookies to an existing provider by clicking the provider in the select provider dropdown to instantly add the cookie to the provider, or add a new provider if the cookies provider doesn't already exist in your list. When adding a new provider you need to input the providers name, purpose (What you do with the provider) and the providers privacy policy url. Once a provider is added, it can be selected in the list, as described above, when adding more cookies for quick categorisation.
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