Our API gives you the ability to integrate with Openli and automate your compliance.


Our API returns JSON objects on all requests. To understand the core concepts used to describe our API, read our dictionary before starting to integrate.


We use a simple API key as the authentication for our API. Include the API key as a header in the requests.

Pass the API key with the x-api-key header:x-api-key: 3NmuXfi3Qt94t1Y8ZkoUzrzs

We have a few API calls that don't require an API key as they are public API's, these require a project_public_key instead.

On all API resources we have specified what key are required to authenticate the API.

Access the API

The API only respons to HTTPS requests, if you request the API on the HTTP protocole we will redirect you to the HTTPS endpoint, so please ensure that you will always request the HTTPS protocole to save redirects.

The API is located at https://app.openli.com/api/v1/.

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