Setting up custom properties

In this guide we show you how to setup your own Custom properties in the Privacy Hub

How to build your own custom properties:

Setting up Custom Properties in Openli is fairly easy and the opportunities with this feature are endless. For inspiration on how to use custom properties, see this article with ideas and examples.

first, you need to log in to your openli account on

Once there, click Vendors in the side menu on the left. This brings you to your list of vendors. Click the name of any vendor (don't worry, the propeties you add will be accessible on all vendors, so it doesn't matter which one):

Once in the vendor page, click Property settings to go the property management page:n here you can add

In there you can add any property you want, just fill in the name of the property and click add:

Once the property is added, yuou can easily add anyoptions orelevant to that property by tying the name of the option and clicking ad next to it to add the option to your new property:

Once you click add you have added the option and it should be ready to use in your vendor list under each vendor you have. To activate the property, simply click it in the page and set the relevant option for the property and vendor. Once this is done the property is live and active.

It'll even be available as a search facet as soon as you have set it with an option on any vendor in your library:

That's it. Your done and can now go on and make all the properties that your heart desires. A word of caution though: Remember to use them wisely though. It is a powerful management tool that will help you keep track of everything, but if you add too many properties you can end up making it more confusing than necessary. Don't forget to manage your properties as well as your vendors to keep everything nice and neat. This will make your life much easier in the long run :)

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