Adding information to your cookie providers

To be GDPR compliant, it is important that your cookie widget and policy must also contain information about your cookie provider. Here is how you can add this information.

Why is this necessary?

It is necessary because the GDPR requires you to make information available to your user about:

  • Information about the provider, link to their privacy policy and contact details

  • What the provider is used for and how they are processing data,

  • location of processing

  • transfer to third countries

You should provide clear information about all providers including cookie providers, local storage providers, session storage providers etc.

IMPORTANT: The information must be in the same language as your website, i.e if your website is in Danish, the information should be in Danish.

Adding any additional information to a cookie provider is easy to do in Openli.

To begin, log in to your Openli account on

Next click "Cookies" in the side menu on the left to go to the cookie management:

Then select the provider of the cookie you want to edit. In this example we have chosen Openli. Now you can add the information:

It is very important that you end by clicking "Save changes" in the top right corner of the provider page to save any changes made to the cookie's information. Once this is done you'll have successfully updated your provider’s information.

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