Create a cookie widget

This guide will show you how to create a cookie widget, which you can install on your website to collect compliant consent with Openli.

Before you start

Before following these steps, please be sure that you have:

  1. Added your website's URL (either during the signup process or in the settings page)

Step 1: Creating the widget

Creating the widget is simple and quick. Simply go to your Openli dashboard and select "Widgets" from the side menu. Once your on our widgets page click the "New widget"-bottom.

From the overview select Cookie consent to get started:

Step 2: Configuring your widget

Each cookie widget must have an assigned cookie policy. Select the policy that you've created for your cookie widget. If you only have one cookie policy, the widget will automatically use it.

Openli provides you with a different set of options to customise your widget.

Step 3: Done!

That's it! You've now created your cookie consent widgets, ready to be installed on your website.

Note that the default language for the widget is English. To change the language of the widget follow this guide.

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