Install the Privacy Badge

The privacy badge is a widget that gives you the ability to showcase your privacy policy in a different value while building trust with your users.

Setup your privacy badge

  1. log in to your Openli account

  2. go to agreements and find the key for the agreement you want to link to the badge (Typically it would be your privacy policy).

  3. If you don't have a agreement to choose from, follow the guide "Upload your terms". If you have already uploaded your privacy policy, you simply use the key for that agreement. Hold on to that key, We will need it in a moment.

  4. Once you've selected an agreement, install this piece of code on your website just below your Openli cookie widget script:

    type: "privacy-badge-v1",
    agreementPublicKey: "YOUR_POLICY_KEY_HERE",
    targetElementSelector: "#privacy-badge",

It is important it loads after the cookie widget script, as the script enables the badge functionality.

Make sure you replace the placeholder above with the public key of the policy you want to link to (the one we found earlier), from your Openli app. 5. Then place this div where you want the badge to show on your website. For example in the footer.

<div id="privacy-badge"></div>

Once this is done, the badge will show in the div when the page is loaded and you will be proudly displaying to the world that you care about your users privacy.

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