Checklist: Website Compliance

Use this checklist to ensure a smooth transition when taking your integration live.

When setting up Website Compliance, please make sure you have had a talk with our Customer Success Team to make sure you get the easiest setup process possible. The setup requires some basic knowledge of at least HTML, CSS, APIs and webhooks.

This checklist provides you with an overview of which steps must be complete for you to go live.

Agreements created and published

Most importantly, your agreements must be complete and published. For example, users need to be able to read both your Terms of Service and your Privacy Policy, when they consent to terms.

Make sure you have:

Correctly configure your widgets

Each widget must be correctly configured to be legally compliant. Make sure that your widgets are configured as intended:

These are legally binding, so make sure that your agreements are paired correctly with your widgets for signup, marketing, etc. For instance, if you have a "Signup for a service"-widget, you'll need to include both a privacy policy and your terms of service.

If you do not specify a language, or if the language you set is not supported by us in the visitor's jurisdiction, English will be used.

Installed widgets on your website

The widgets need to be installed correctly. We highly recommend adding some UI test to your test suite to make sure, that the widgets are shown and working.

Follow our technical documentation to install the widgets properly.

🎉 Go live!

Ready, set, go! You're now ready to become a platinum data citizen. Forgot worrying about legal compliance, and know that our privacy mascot, Li, is taking care of things for you.

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