Create and manage a DPA

In this guide we'll look at how to create a DPA in the Openli app and how you can easily use tags to import Subprocessors and Personal Data information.

This feature requires a Vendor Hub subscription with Openli. Contact or visit our website for more information on the Vendor Hub product

How to Create an Agreement.

The first thing you need to do is create an agreement. In the Openli app, an agreement is simply a document, which you can update and manage from one place. Each agreement has a Public Key, which allows you to refer to and embed the policy in it's latest revision, making sure that when you update it in Openli, it is also updated all the places you have embedded it.

To get started with you DPA agreement, you need to go to your openli app. Find the agreements section in the side menu on the left. Click the New agreement button in the top right corner and choose Data Processing Agreement In the drop down.

This takes you to the document editor. Here you can insert your DPA or use tags as explained further down in this guide. Once you are done click Preview

This takes you to the preview page. Here you can see how it including any info pulled in via tags. If you want to edit more, click edit. Otherwise click publish to publish the agreement making it available for embedding.

Once published you can find it in your agreements section with all your other policies. Note that you can always find the agreements public key in this list as well.

Using tags to embed lists of Subprocessors and Personal Data information.

Openli allows you to pull lists of your subprocessors and lists of the personal data you process into your DPA.

These lists can be limited just to one of your services or they can cover all the services you offer. Simply add the tags listed below in your policy where you want the list to appear and save it. Currently there are four tags available:



{{ service_name.subprocessors_list }}

Creates a list of subprocessors for the service you have specified; the "service_name" part varies.

{{ service_name.personal_data_list }}

Creates a list of the data processed by the service you have specified; the "service_name" part varies.


Creates a list of the subprocessors for all your services


Creates a list of the data processed by all your services

The tags for specific services you offer can be accessed via a dropdown:

The "service_name" in the tag will be a simplified version of your service's name. For example, "Openli Vendor Hub" would appear in the tag as "openli_vendor_hub".

If you would like to create lists for all your services you can use the tags as shown below:

Editing your Agreement

Once you have an agreement up and running, you can edit it if any changes should be necessary. To do so go to agreements to find you list of policies. Then click the name of the policy.

Once here you can see a list of the previous drafts, and in the very top you'll find the current version. Click update next to the current version.

Now you'll be in the agreement editor, where you can update the agreement to you needs. When you're done click preview to preview the edits.

If you are happy with the changes you see in the preview, you click publish, and your DPA is now updated with your latest changes.

Remember that you can always return ti the agreements revision page to see all revisions you have made.

Embedding Agreements

To Embed agreements you need to follow this guide if you are already using our cookie widget:

pageEmbed your policies and legal agreements

If you do not have a widget live on your website you need to follow this guide in stead:

pageEmbedding agreements without displaying a widget

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