Set up and manage SSO

In this article we'll look into how you can set up and manage Single Sign-on (SSO) on your account.
This feature is only available on our Privacy Hub Growth plan or higher. For access please contact [email protected].

What is SSO?

Single Sign-on is a method that allows you to sign on with the same login credentials across multiple systems. You have probably already seen it a lot of places on the internet, where you can sign on to almost any service using for example your Google or Microsoft accounts. Once set up, only users with an email on your SSO domain will be able to log in. For example: if your SSO is setup to then only users with an email can log in to your Openli account. When enabled, users will be forced to sign in using their SSO account.
Note that users still need to be invited to your Openli account to be able to log in with SSO.
This is a great way to make life easier for your employees, and at the same time boost security on your account.

Get started with SSO

To set up SSO on your account, please contact [email protected] and tell us what domain you want to register as your SSO domain. Once that is clarified, we will set up SSO on your Openli account.